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Sun Jan 18

Granary loaf with added walnuts

I’m using the recipe from the SD255’s recipe book, so we’ll see how it comes out.

1tsp yeast
475g strong granary flour
1.5 tsp sugar
25g butter
1.25 tsp salt
320ml water
50g coarsely chopped walnuts

Bake raisin

Will report back in 5 hours.

Tue Dec 30

Testing Tumblweed

I just mentioned the fact that I hardly use my Tumblr account these days, for lack of a desktop client, when my friend mentioned and bingo, here I am! This might result in me using Tumblr more… or it might not. We’ll have to see.

Mon Dec 17

Oh noes! What am I going to do? Twitter is down for maintenance and now I have nowhere to get my fix!

Thu Dec 13

My friend Steph suggests that I make a note of times, like now, when I feel really excited and happy and joyful, as a sort of talisman against times like yesterday, when I most definitely didn’t. The nice thing is I know exactly why I’m so happy today - I’ve got my nose buried in some really interesting research, and I’m thinking new (to me) thoughts, and I feel like I’m doing something really cool and fascinating. Oh, and the client I’m doing it for likes it too, which is even better. More please!

Wed Dec 5

Reading about ‘between-group selection’ as an evolutionary force favouring behaviours such as altruism and wondering how it applies to social software.

Mon Dec 3

Quote of the day: “Blogging and social software is great, but in the end, it’s about challenging closed cultures in business, not just using tools.”

Testing the TumblrBot IM tool, maybe this will help me Tumbl more.

Need to get more used to using Tumblr. I like the idea, but it doesn’t seem to have the tools I need to embed it in my day to day life yet.

Fri Oct 12

A question for you. How much does reality TV, with its hidden cameras spying on participants, condition us to accept mass surveillance and CCTV. Here in London, we are each captured 300 times a day on camera, for our “safety and security”, apparently. There’s a doctoral thesis in there for someone.

Fri Oct 5

When I was a kid, egg boxes used to get reused. Why don’t we do that anymore?